Boost your data collection efficiency with Portals

Make collecting and distributing information easier with dedicated form hubs.

Create organized form groups

Our intuitive web portals system acts as an easily accessible hub for your forms. With Portals, you can seamlessly share individual forms or groups of forms with designated people inside or outside your organization.

Do more with your forms

The Formstack Forms Portals feature gives you more control over your data collection process.

Organize all your important forms in one place and set due dates for completion.


Track user completion of your forms, and access form submissions directly from the Portals interface.


Stop bugging employees and customers and start sending automated reminder emails to the right people.


Streamline processes across departments to save time, enhance efficiency, and improve productivity.

How It Works

Optimize use of our web portals system in three easy steps:

Step 1: Create a Portals group to easily consolidate important forms in one place. Improve user experience by adding a relevant name, image, and description to your Portal.

Step 2: Add forms and participants, and begin sharing forms with your Portals group. This can include anyone inside or outside your organization, even if they do not have a Formstack account.

Step 3: Set form due dates and email reminders to ensure forms are submitted on time. Track who is and isn’t filling out forms, and send scheduled reminder emails to any or all participants.

To learn more about setup, please read this help article.

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